UK Based LGBT Talent Lostchild Debuts ‘Imperfect’ EP and Title Track Video

LGBT talent Lostchild has been delivering catchy immaculate pop music since his 2016 debut EP Dancing With Boys. A refreshingly queer voice in pop music, the UK based star has just released new EP Imperfect – as well as the title-track and horror-influenced video.

Rooted in Lostchild’s own personal experiences, the track has an infectious melody thanks to its slick electronic dancepop production – there’s even a Chic-inspired guitar riff in the opening. Lostchild notes: “I’m recently 2 years sober, and this was one of the first songs I wrote about how I managed it… by admitting that I’m not perfect, and that’s OK.

With refreshingly honest lyrics, Lostchild talks about accepting flaws and accepting the imperfections of life as a step personal growth. With an infectious melody and earworm lyrics, Lostchild sings “Cause I’m not perfect, don’t you know, I can grow, but I’ll never ever ever be perfect.

The gorgeous star’s Imperfect EP also features Soothe – an update to his 2016 track, Mickey Taylor collaboration Jokes, new tracks Barely Alive and Love Finds a Way.

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