Music: Philipp Kirkorov Announces New Album, Single ‘Novels’ (‘Романы’)

In recent years, Phillipp Kirkorov has gone on to release some all out bops and his latest single Романы is exactly that. Translating to English as Novels, the Russian-language banger continues to see Kirkorov operating in the territory of heavy synths and playing with powerful imagery – which you can see in the church set video below. The theme of the video is explored here: “A daring, fearless and alluring story of forbidden love between a priest and a charming parishioner, who personifies the flame, passion and desire tormenting the soul of a minister.”

The new single is actually the title track for album Романы  which hits digital platforms March 6th 2020. You can watch the video clip below and beneath that you’ll find the tracklist for the upcoming album.

English Translation of Tracklist

2It was love
3Favorite people
4Fly away
5Burn in the wind
6Allow me
7Say love
8Young angel
9You forgive me
10Sweet and bitter
12You’re in my blood
13You do not believe
14I will find you
15I made you up
16I do not believe

Original Russian Tracklist

2Это была любовь
3Любимые люди
5Гореть на ветру
7Скажи любовь
8Молодой ангел
9Ты прости мне
10Сладкая да горькая
12Ты у меня в крови
13Ты не веришь
14Я найду тебя
15Я тебя выдумал
16Не верю я

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