Music: Daphne Guinness Releases ‘Hallucinations’

Daphne Guinness has unveiled her latest single Hallucinations – an anthemic string filled delight – which marks one of the performer’s strongest releases.

There’s a steely gravitas in every word Guinness sings highlighting the beautiful lyricism of the track’s songwriting. Tackling lush, theatrical lines such as“Parallel assassins hiding in plain sight…” Guinness manages to evoke dreamlike imagery which blends beautifully with the absorbing, elegant string and synth production. As it reaches the half-way point, the track shifts into a spacey sixties-inspired psychedelic pop anthem and reaches new dimensions of beauty.

Hallucinations follows Guinness’ previous two albums, 2016’s Optimist in Black and its 2018 successor Daphne and the Golden Chord. It is yet unclear as to whether Hallucinations is a standalone release or if it is set to lead a third album from the performer.

Listen to Hallucinations below. Connect with Daphne on Instagram and Twitter.

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