Music: Jake Shears Releases Dance Extravaganza ‘Meltdown’

Oh we love it when a pop star just delivers – and Jake Shears has certainly done that with his latest single Meltdown. The all out dance banger marks a return to the former Scissor Sisters’ frontman’s pop roots after the woozy New Orleans party sound found on his immaculate debut solo album.

Shears notes: “Here’s a smoking little jam I’ve been cooking in the oven for you. I wrote this on the hottest day of the summer in NYC. You’ll see it’s a bit of a sonic turn, but I hope you find it sizzling… “ It is an undeniable sizzler.

Whether this is the start of a potential second solo album for Shears or a standalone release is unclear yet – but either way we’re going to be bopping to meltdown for a while.

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