Trailer: Jennifer Lopez in ‘The Boy Next Door’

As soon as we saw the words Jennifer Lopez and psychological thriller, we knew that the trailer for The Boy Next Door would be some grade A cinematic trash. After watching said trailer, we were not disappointed.

Lopez stars as a divorced teacher who begins an affair with an older teen (the Step Up series’ Ryan Guzman) who lives next door. What begins as a casual one-night encounter gradually leads into something all the more sinister.

With its gratuitously shirtless Guzman, a regularly startled looking Lopez, dialogue that would make anyone wince (“Well it got pretty wet here” and “I love your Mother’s cookies”), plus a narrative that came straight out of a True Movies TV film – The Boy Next Door looks like a modern classic. Colour us excited.

The Boy Next Door will hit US theatres on January 23, 2015.

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