Melodi Grand Prix 2020: Our Thoughts on the Tracks So Far (Semi-Final 2)

Nobody from the first semi final of Norway’s Eurovision selection programme, Melodi Grand Prix, blew our socks off – although Raylee’s Wild sailed to victory (and seems to be an immediate fan favourite in the Twittersphere). Yet, the crop from Semi Final 2 have impressed thanks to their variety. Just like last week, we’ve reviewed the four contenders for the second semi final – and also immediate qualifier

Jæger – “How About Mars”

Weird space anthem alert! Anna Jæger sits somewhere between Billie Eilish and Laika with How About Mars, an attitude filled spacey pop anthem. We really like this one and think it could blast off when performed live at the Eastern Norway semi.

Kim Wigaard & Maria Mohn – “Fool for Love”

Starting with lush strings, Fool for Love immediately feels like a glamorous Bond anthem akin to Conchita’s Rise Like a Phoenix. Whilst Maria and Kim’s vocals don’t instantly gel they both have powerful voices, and as the track progresses, growing in scale, we’ve found ourselves getting more absorbed by Fool for Love.

Rein Alexander – “One Last Time”

Our standout of the Norwegian selection is Rein Alexander’s big Europop banger, One Last Time. The Kjempesjansen winner delivers a vocal powerhouse as he belts out the empowering lyrics, against dance-tinged stadium filling backing. We cannot wait to see this go off live and genuinely see it as a major Eurovision contender if it qualifies.

Tore Petterson – “The Start of Something New”

The weakest of Semi Final 2 is Tore Petterson’s kitschy easy listening number, The Start of Something. We’re delighted to see a variety of genres represented on the stage – yet we have doubts that this Manilow-lite number will soar like Keiino’s Spirit in the Sky.

Sondrey – “Take My Time” – Pre-Qualified

The first of the pre-qualified tracks, Take My Time, is a smooth pop number with immaculate vocals and slinky electronic production. It’s main issue is how polished and lacking in originality it is. We feel like we have heard this track hundreds of times over the past few years, despite the fact it is totally inoffensive, yet also entirely forgettable.

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