Music: Denis Rekonvald’s ‘Alter Ego’

Kyiv-based Denis Rekonvald has been quietly releasing some Russian language bops – the latest being December’s Alter Ego. The track is a sultry pop number with Rekonvald oozing sheer charisma against the moody electronic production. Denis’s official Facebook notes:

“Denis Rekonalvald – singer, actor, dancer. Works in the genre of pop, dance pop. Today Denis is a young, promising and goal-oriented multi-artist, whose creative line is dominated by a symbiosis of high-quality pop music and modern choreography.

The singer has released a number of tracks preceding Alter Ego, many which will appeal to pop fans across the globe. Thunderstorm, Fogged, Scarlet and On the Drum (English translations of these titles dubiously provided by Google’s Autotranslate function) boast slick pop production and showcase Rekonvald’s appeal as an artist.

We’re also far too good to you and have included a little gallery of Denis’s stunning modelling pictures. Listen to Alter Ego below.

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