Melodi Grand Prix 2020: Our Thoughts on the Tracks So Far (Semi-Final 1)

Norway have announced one of their most ambitious Eurovision selection events in recent years to mark the 60th anniversary of the Melodi Grand Prix . The contest will be split over five semi finals where the qualifying act will compete against five pre-qualifying artists in a grand final. Semi Final one begins on the 11th of January. The artists below will join the following pre-qualified artists:

  • Didrik & Emil – “Out of Air”
  • Ulrikke Brandstorp – “Attention”
  • Akuvi – “Som du er”
  • Sondrey – “Take My Time”
  • Tone Damli – “Hurts Sometimes”
The pre-qualifiers

Our thoughts on the 2019 semi final one stars are below.

Lisa Børud – “Talking About Us”

Lisa has a pleasant tone to her voice and her Eurovison experience as a backing dancer for Alexander Rybak’s 2018 return will undoubtebly come in handy. With a slick electronic melody and Lisa’s confident vocals, Talking About Us is an enjoyable number but not a massively memorable one for us.

Geirmund – “Come Alive”

Geirmund may be remembered by Norwegians as an entrant into their 2013 season of The Voice. His track Come Alive is an anthemic stadium ready pop number that could go off with some powerful staging.

Raylee – “Wild”

Raylee competed with her 2015 Melodi Grand Prix entry Louder. We’re enjoying the ferocious energy and feline parallels in the imagery here in this Fuego influenced track.

Kim Rysstad – “Rainbow”

Undoubtedly inspired by Conchita’s building anthemic chorus of Rise Like a Phoenix, 2012 MGP runner-up, Kim Rysstad has crafted an entertaining piece of power ballad bop. Like many of the tracks in this first semi final, Rainbow lacks the immediate appeal of Keiino’s Spirit in the Sky.

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