Melodifestivalen: Our Dream Line-Up

We share our dream Melodifestivalen line-up, the stars we would love to see represent Sweden at Eurovision,

The current Melfest candidates for 2020 have long-since been unveiled and its an impressive one undeniably. However, we cannot help but dream about all the artists we would love to see attempt to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. Here are a few high profile names that we would love to see on a future Melodifestivalen line-up – many have attempted before and we have shared their previous attempts.

Danny Saucedo
Previous Entries: “In the Club”, “Amazing“, “Baby Goodbye” (with E.M.D)

Danny is one of the most exciting figures in Swedish pop and is fresh from a successful turn on television series Så mycket bättre. He has had three solid attempts at Melodifest – but has not competed since 2012. Since 2012 he’s focused on Swedish language pop music which seems to have sparked a renewed public interest (many of his Så mycket bättre entries hitting the nation’s charts) – perhaps a Melfest return should be on the cards.

Eric Saade
Previous Entries: “Popular“, “Manboy“, “Sting

One of the biggest pop injustices was Sting landing in fifth place at Melfest 2015 and we’ve been hungry for Eric to have another stint on the contest ever since. Yet rumours about SVT being desperate to land Saade a place at Melfest 2020 came to nothing, but we’re holding out hope for a 2021 return. for the former champ.

Charlotte Perrelli
Previous Entries: “Take Me To Your Heaven“, “Hero“, “The Girl“, “Mit Liv

Selected for Eurovision twice already – and winning once with Take Me To Your Heaven in 1999, Charlotte is definitely more than capable of bringing Eurovision back to Sweden with another winning entry. Hero was a massively underrated Euro-track and deserved more than 18th place. Charlotte has recently collaborated with Dana International on iconic camp europop track Diva To Diva.

Jessica Andersson
Previous Entries: “Give Me Your Love” and “Vindarna vänder oss” with Fame, “Kalla nätter“, “Kom“, “I Did It For Love“, “Can’t Hurt Me Now“, “Party Voice”

One of the most prolific Melfest entrants is Jessica Andersson who has entered twice as part of pop duo Fame, and has had five solo attempts. Andersson was fifth in the 2003 ESC with Fame’s Give Me Your Love and has had a taste for a return. Her most recent entry, Party Voice, in 2018 was an underrated pop anthem that should have reached higher than eleventh place during Melfest.

Andreas Wijk
Previous Entries: N/A

Some fresh blood here, Swedish model and singer-songwriter Andreas Wijk released the album Season 1 [Episode 01-14] in which he showcased his talent as a musician on tracks such as DRAMA, MADONNA and LIAR. You can check it out here. Wijk also featured on the RedOne produced bop Can’t Feel Love Tonight with Kika.

Previous Entries: “You’re Out of My Life”

The subject of a massive glow up since his 2010 Melfest entry which eventually came fourth place in the Grand Final, not making it through to the Eurovision Song Contest, Darin is the perfect candidate for a return. Personally You’re Out of My Life did nothing for us, but we still do see Darin as an artist deserving of an international launchpad. Like Eric Saade and Danny Saucedo, Darin has focussed on Swedish language pop in recent years with hits such as “Ta mig tillbaka” and “Hög” – Eurovision would be a way to expose the beautiful Swedish star to a whole new audience.

Måns Zelmerlöw
Previous Entries: “Cara Mia“, “Hope and Glory” and “Heroes

He may have slated his previous entry Hope and Glory last year – which he was wrong about (the only issue was the horrendous bow tie) – but Måns could be the next former Swedish Euro winner to make a comeback. Heroes was a successful Eurovision winner, but Måns has failed to recapture the glory of that in his post-Eurovision career – his most recent singles have stalled at #51 and #79 whilst his album Time was the lowest performing original LP of his career, hitting #18 in the Swedish album charts. A new Melfest boost could be the perfect antidote.

Anton Ewald
Previous Entries: “Begging“, “Natural

Two time Melfest entrant Anton Ewald has kept a low profile in recent years having not released any material since 2017. His previous Melfest entry Begging hit fourth place at the final, whilst 2014’s Natural came in at tenth.

Previous Entries: “Not a Sinner, Nor a Saint”, “Alcastar“, “Stay the Night“, “Blame It On the Disco”

The camp Eurodisco icons have never hidden their desire to represent Sweden at Melfest with four entries under their belt. The trio would make a perfect fit for Eurovision and are certainly one of the highest profile acts vying to enter the competition with hits across Europe to their name.

Previous Entries: “My Heart is Refusing Me“, “Euphoria“, “Statements

Former Eurovision winner Loreen is a three time Melfest participant powering through with eventual ESC winner Euphoria. Her Melfest 2017 entry Statements was a moody fan favourite which ultimately lost out to Anton Hagman’s Kiss You Goodbye. Fans are still hungry for Loreen’s return to the ESC and the love for Euphoria goes unparalleled to this day – as seen in it winning the ESC250 contest in 2019.

David Lindgren
Previous Entries: “Shout It Out“, “Skyline“, “We Are Your Tomorrow

David Lindgren a Melfest favourite, with three entries to his name has been 4th, 8th and 11th with his various entries in the main final in the 2010s. His most recent single Spinning Around released in May 2019 has a very Eurovision friendly sound and could have fared well in the contest.

Benjamin Ingrosso
Previous Entries: “Good Lovin’“, “Dance You Off”

Another former winner with the potential to return is Benjamin Ingrosso who represented Sweden with Dance You Off in 2018 which hit 7th place. The previous year Ingrosso submitted Good Lovin’ which was 5th in the Melfest final. Ingrosso’s career has continued from strength to strength post Eurovision with hits Behave, All Night Long, Happy Thoughts and Costa Rica to his name.

Lina Hedlund
Previous Entries: “Big Time Party” (with Hanna Hedlund), “Victorious“, With Alcazar 2009, 2010, 2014

Our real 2019 winner was Lina Hedlund’s camp 2019 masterpiece, Victorious, a quintessential Eurobop which made it to 11th place in the main final. The Alcazar star’s solo entry was a triumph – so much so Hedlund is co-hosting the 2020 contest. We’re 100% up for more Lina entries.

Robin Bengtsson
Previous Entries “Constellation Prize“, “I Can’t Go On“, “Take a Chance”

A former Melfest winner returns in 2020, with Robin Bengtsson, who succeeded in 2017 with I Can’t Go On. Bengtsson notes that his latest Melfest entry Take a Chance is less electronic and more organic. We’re not sure we’re here for “a more organic sound” (down with guitars!), but we will reserve judgement until the track debuts.

Swedish House Wives
Previous Entries: “On Top of the World

Short-lived supergroup Swedish House Wives didn’t make it through the second semi final in 2013, but the group made up of Hanna Hedlund, Jenny Silver and Pernilla Wahlgren is due for a comeback. Their camp bop On Top of the World has become a late hit among Euro fans on social media – perhaps a return should be on the cards.

Previous Entries: “Love Love Love

The Swedish Idol winner found international fame with Release Me in 2008 – a song still heralded by the global pop community – yet the star has kept a low profile since her 2012 album Veritas. She has featured on Avicii’s posthumous single Tough Love – a hit in Sweden and a minor success in other European countries – and released her first body of work in some time, EP Nothing Can Compare in 2019. This increase in productivity could be pre-empting a 2021 Melfest return?

Sarah Dawn Finer
Previous Entries: “I Remember Love“, “Moving On

Sarah Dawn Finer has continually gravitated around the Eurovision and Melfest bubbles. As well as a regular host of Melfest, Finer has entered the contest twice as a vocalist with I Remember Love and Moving On. We would love to see her back with another Euro-ballad.

Anton Hagman
Previous Entries: “Kiss You Goodbye“, “Känner dig

The twenty-one year old found success with two Melfest entries – one in 2017, the other in 2019. Perhaps Hagman likes a two year gap between entries? So a 2021 return may be on the cards. Kiss You Goodbye, the stronger of the two entries, was an upbeat slice of Sean Mendes inspired guitar-pop, whilst the latter was a more electronic pop number which came across somewhat flat on the night. It’s time Hagman had a chance at redemption.

Magnus Carlsson
Previous Entries: “Lev Livet!“, “Live Forever“, “Möt mig i Gamla stan” (Solo)

The former Barbados and Alcazar icon is no stranger to the Melfest competition whether with Barbados, Alcazar or as a solo performer. His most recent attempt Möt Mig I Gamla Stan was an all-out europop banger that highlighted Carlsson’s perfect credentials for Eurovision which placed 9th in the 2015 final. Those curious can hear the English version here.

Malena Ernman
Previous Entries: “La Voix

With only one solo Melfest entry to her name and a 100% success rate, opera chanteuse Malena Ernman’s La Voix is one of the most exciting and original Swedish entries of all time. Of all the former winners to return, we would be most intrigued to see how Malena would follow-up her 2009 popera masterpiece.

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