Eurovision: Ukrainian Icon Verka Serduchka Releases ‘Make It Rain Like Champagne”

One of the most iconic images of Eurovision for a certain generation will undoubtedly be Ukrainian drag star Verka Serduchka belting out Dancing Lasha Tumbai at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. Still managing to maintain a prolific career throughout Europe almost seventeen years later, Verka releases her latest track Make It Rain Like Champagne this month.

The track, an English language one, is a somewhat rare moment for Verka who usually releases tracks in her native language. Make It Rain Champagne is a belting electronic number with blasting synths and Verka’s manic, high camp persona coming through in the song’s vocals and concept.

As well as cameoing in the likes of Spy, Verka has remained on the periphery of the Eurovision Song Contest, flitting with the idea of standing as the Ukrainian selection again and appearing at the 2019 Tel Aviv Contest’s Switch Song event.