Eurovision: Meet Estonia’s Eesti Laul 2020 Competitors

Hot off the heels of the Melodifestivalen line-up announcement, Estonia has revealed the competitors for their national selection programme, Eesti Laul. Going one step further than the Swedes, we have a full line-up and their competing songs. Of 178 songs submitted, 24 progress through to Eesti Laul semifinals on the 13th and 15th of February 2020.

We have included our highlights of the 24 competitors that hope to follow in last year’s Eesti Laul winner (and potential Melodifestivalen 2020 winner) Victor Crone’s footsteps. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see which of the semi-finals each of the acts will be competing in.

Jaagup Tuisk – “Beautiful Lie

Eighteen year old Jaagup’s Beautiful Lie is his largest scale production yet. The young singer has been quietly covering the likes of Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran, but notes Beautiful Lie is his most challenging song yet: “The song signifies the struggle between knowing how something is so wrong and poisonous for u, but still wishing you could forget it all and live in a beautiful illusion, a beautiful lie…” We’re not going to comment on the ‘u’, he’s only eighteen.

Synne Valtri Feat. Väliharf – “Majakad”

Synne Valtri delivers this anthemic electronic track complete with a spectacle-filled video. This Estonian language track may be a dark horse thanks to its slick production and powerful vocals.

SHIRA – “Out in Space

SHIRA’s gentle piano ballad Out in Space is an understated number with smooth jazz undertones. It may stand out during the semis thanks to these relaxed, emotive qualities.

Rasmus Rändvee – “Young”

Rasmus’s gritty vocals paired with dramatic pop-rock production showcase this as a significant improvement to his This Love which entered the 2017 competition. Young is a more sophisticated track in which we can see Rasmus’s progression as a performer in terms of charisma and musical ability.

Anett x Fredi – “Write About Me”

Anett has a real warm and charismatic tone to her voice in the simple, effective Write About Me. Gentle guitar backing builds to a smooth orchestral jazz track. We like it, but it’s probably not a winner.

German & Violina – “Heart Winder”

Heart Winder hits us as a classic modern Eurovision track. A curiously-accented handsome man, violins and lyrical content that never quite makes sense to us. It’s catchy, memorable and a little bit odd. Sold.

Mariliis Jõgeva – “Unistustes”

Mariliis delivers a charming little mid-tempo that would sit nicely on her 2017 debut album Helerohelised huuled.

Laura Põldvere ”Break Me”

Laura may be known to Eurovision fans already as a member of 2005 ESC competing girlband Suntribe and competing alongside Koit Toome in 2017 with duet Verona. She’s on her own with the impressive country-tinged ballad Break Me. We expect this one to do well.

Merilin Mälk – “Miljon sammu”

This Estonian pop bop is a slick little number with charming vocals from Merilin, an optimistic tone and warming melody.

Uku Suviste – “What Is Love

The Voice heartthrob Uku Suviste delivers a dramatic Eurovision ballad with What Is Love. It takes a little too long to get to the powerful chorus, but when Uku takes us there, the track shines in its emotive dramatics and through Uku’s heartfelt powerful vocals. We can see this going far.

Jennifer Cohen – “Ping Pong

This one is a little bit of fun with ping pong balls bouncing and finger clicking producing much of the instrumentation. It’s odd, but there is something entirely charming about Jennifer and the line ” Please don´t play me like a ping pong, bitch” makes us laugh.

Semi-final 1 – 13th February

  • Anett x Fredi – ‘Write About Me’
  • Egert Milder – ‘Georgia (On My Mind)’
  • INGA – ‘Right Time’
  • Jennifer Cohen – ‘Ping Pong’
  • Kruuv – ‘Leelo’
  • Laura – ‘Break Me’
  • Little Mess – ‘Without a Reason’
  • Rasmus Rändvee – ‘Young’
  • Renate – ‘Videomäng’
  • Revals – ‘Kirjutan Romaani’
  • Stefan – ‘By My Side’
  • Synne Valtri ft. Väliharf – ‘Majakad’

Semi-final 2 – 15th February

  • German & Violina – ‘Heart Winder’
  • Inger – ‘Only Dream’
  • Jaagup Tuisk – ‘Beautiful Lie’
  • Janet – ‘Hingeland’
  • Mariliis Jõgeva – ‘Unistustes’
  • Merilin Mälk – ‘Miljon Sammu’
  • SHIRA – ‘Out in Space’
  • Traffic – ‘Üks kord veel’
  • Uku Suviste – ‘What Love Is’
  • Uudo Sepp – ‘I’m Sorry. I Messed Up’
  • Viinerid – ‘Kapa Kohi-LA’
  • Ziggy Wild – ‘Lean on Me’