Music: Italove Release ‘Hold the Line’ and ‘Burn this City’

Italove are keeping the spirit of Italo disco alive with their new tracks Hold the Line and Burn this City, both released today. These new Hi-NRG anthems sit nicely with the trio’s back catalogue of pristine pop anthems.

Hold the City is a rousing synthpop track with a soaring chorus back with nostalgic eighties-inspired production. Burn this City is a more mellow mid-tempo about rebirth and moving on from the end of a broken relationship. Both tracks feature on the group’s new EP, the full tracklist of which you can see below.

1 Burn This City 3:42
2 Hold the Line 3:33
3 Hold the Line (Vanello Remix) 4:50
4 Burn This City (Flemming Dalum Remix) 6:05
5 Hold the Line (Mirko Hirsch Maxi Version) [feat. Mirko Hirsch] 6:06
6 Burn This City (Extended Version) 4:19
7 Hold the Line (Demo) 3:34
8 Hold the Line (Demo Extended Version)

Listen to both the new tracks below. Pre-order here.

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