Listen: Lauren Harries’ Pop Debut ‘I Am A Woman’

File this one under unexpected. The quintessential British eccentric Lauren Harries recently debuted her first musical endeavour – a stirring electronic pop anthem dubbed I Am A Woman.

Opening with sultry vocals from the much-loved television personality, the Edward Russell produced track suddenly hits us with jazzy Spandau Ballet-like sax before turning into a electronic dance anthem. Lauren’s unique vocals are a pleasant surprise and are likely to prove many a nay-sayer wrong.

I Am A Woman hits its peak when embarking on its Pet Shop Boys-esque chorus where Lauren notes ‘Like a vampire I cannot be uninvited, like a bridesmaid my love remains unrequited…’ unveiling a real poignant lyrical beauty. 

I Am A Woman is available to buy on the 11th of January 2015. You can pre-order here. Listen to our favourite new pop masterpiece below.

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