Music: Louis Tomlinson Announces Debut Album ‘Walls’, New Track ‘We Made It’

Oh Barbra Streisand’s impact is never ending. Louis Tomlinson has revealed the title of his debut solo album, Walls, the same as the legendary pop diva’s 2018 LP – although we are sure that’s where the pair’s similarities end. Tomlinson’s Walls hits stores January 31st 2020 and features new track We Made It, which you can hear above.

The twelve track album also features previously released tracks Kill My Mind and Two of Us. Tomlinson’s other tracks: Miss You, Back to You (with Bebe Rexha, and Just Like You do not feature – perhaps due to the overuse of the word you.

We do have a soft spot for Louis and we admire him for following his own path in terms of the music he has created post-1D. His influences of the Gallagher Brothers and nineties Britpop are clearly reflected in his new material and it is an interesting route for the young star to go down.

Listen to We Made It Below and pre-order the album here.