Music: Dance Sensation Kristine W Announces New LP ‘Love and Lies,’ Single ‘Just a Lie’

Dance music icon Kristine W has teased all the details of her new album, Episode One: Love and Lies. The American artiste has been releasing tracks since the mid-eighties racking up eighteen #1s on the Billboard Dance Charts – with her latest LP set to add to this total.

The first track from the set is Just a Lie – a dancefloor anthem stemmed from her divorce starts the eight track album album. The tracklist is as follows…

  1. Just a Lie
  2. Can’t Take No More
  3. White Girls
  4. Wind in the Trees
  5. Land of the Living (World Pride Version)
  6. Barracuda
  7. No One
  8. Stars (Freejak Radio Mix)

Kristine is best known for her number ones: Feel What You Want, One More Try, Stronger, Fly Again and many many more.

This set is the first part of a three part set which will go on to complete Kristine’s album, Issues. You can pre-order Episode One here before it is released on the 7th of February 2020.