2012-02-24 Loreen har landat i Baku. Foto:Therese Jahnson,Svenska Dagbladet

Music: Loreen Debuts New Track ‘Walk With Me’

Swedish pop star Loreen releases Walk with Me – an atmospheric pop number in collaboration with Nordic fashion chain Ellos. The track, a cover of singer-songwriter Julia Jonas’s song of the same name, sees Loreen take the song in an impressive new direction.

It is unfortunate that the track is part of an advertising campaign as this would have been an incredibly promising start to a new album campaign. Loreen’s latest LP was 2017’s Ride which made it to #31 in the Swedish album charts.

Loreen was also one of Sweden’s most successful Eurovision winners back in 2012 with the sublime Euphoria. She has since competed in Melodifestivalen with the underrated Statements back in 2017.