Music: Dance Icon Cerrone Releases Eco-Bop ‘The Impact’

Dance music superstar Cerrone releases new track The Impact – complete with a hard-hitting music video exploring man’s destruction of the Earth. With echoes of the disco hitmaker’s anthemic number Supernature about it, The Impact asserts itself as a bold new addition to Cerrone’s impressive discography.

Conservationist, primatologist and anthropologist, Jane Goodall is sampled on the track as she pleas “Every single day we make some impact on the planet. We haven’t inherited this planet from our parents, we’ve borrowed it from our children. If we get together, then we can start to heal some of the scars that we’ve inflicted.” This bold statement set against an enthralling dance beat produces an impressive concoction.

Etienne Perrone shoots and directs the atmospheric visuals which accompany the track that you can watch above. The Impact is said to be part of a full album which Cerrone will release in early 2020.