Music: Chromatics Release New LP ‘Closer to Grey’

Johnny Jewel’s Italians Do It Better are the label that just keep on giving. They have just announced a new album from the Chromatics which is available now from their official site.

Chromatics have become a highly respected act in the world of moody synthpop with tracks like Shadow, Tick of the Clock and Kill for Love. The latest LP “Closer to Grey” from the enigmatic group contains the following tracks:

The Sound Of Silence (3:16) You’re No Good (4:52) Closer To Grey (2:44) Twist The Knife (3:27) Light As A Feather (3:37) Move A Mountain (3:12) Touch Red (5:12) Through The Looking Glass (1:42) Whispers In The Hall (3:24) On The Wall (8:21) Love Theme From Closer To Grey (2:40) Wishing Well (3:20)

You can download the album for the bargain price of $1 (81p) from the label website.