Music: The Wanted’s Siva Unveils Debut Solo Track ‘Breathe In’

This may feel like a bit of a throwback to the early 2010s pop landscape, but The Wanted’s Siva has released his debut solo track, Breathe In. Dubliner Siva Kaneswaran makes his bid for solo stardom five years after the boyband split in 2014.

The Wanted may not be a legacy act but they still had numerous hits from their three top ten albums: Glad You Came, Walks Like Rihanna, Lightning and Chasing the Sun being but a few. Yet Breathe In marks sonically different territory – a mid-tempo ballad with chilled electronic undertones. It’s a mature pop number that impresses.

Siva was rumoured to be working on his debut solo album with RedOne after the band split, it’s not clear if these tracks will see the light of day or if Siva is embarking on a slightly different musical path. The thought of him delivering some RedOne produced dance bops is definitely an exciting one, however.

Siva joins former bandmate Max George in releasing solo material this month with the latter releasing Till I Met You earlier this month.

Siva Releases Debut Solo Single “Breathe In” Today!

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