Music: The Bitch Has Landed – Meet Your New Pop Obsession, Iconique

Elegant pop artistes Iconique are here to take centre stage, blending silky disco grooves and scintillating synths in their latest track, The Bitch Has Landed, which will be featured on their debut EP.

The Bitch Has Landed is the group’s seventh release and it feels like a lost eighties classic. With hints of ABC and Duran Duran about it, the track is a shining synth-pop anthem packing more sass than you would believe.

The latest anthem follows previous releases such as Do You Really Wanna Disco?, Iconique, Taxi, Sitting Pretty and Step Into the Mood. Fans of classic pop should dip into these modern classics which forms a bejewelled bridge between eighties and 2010s pop.

You can listen to The Bitch Has Landed below. Connect with the band on Facebook and check out their official site here.

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