Feature: 30 Hottest Horror Stars

As horror fans, we’re continually met with the Scream Queen tag celebrating the increasingly-glamorous heroines of our favourite genre films. In an attempt to rebalance the scales, we’ve decided to pay tribute to the men of these films and celebrate their performances and sexiness (mostly sexiness) in our Thirty Hottest Horror Stars feature.

30. Shaun Sipos
Final Destination 2, The Grudge 2, Texas Chainsaw 3D

In a film that was brimming with pure sexiness (see further down), Shaun Sipos was the icing on the cake in Texas Chainsaw 3D. The actor played a handsome, open-shirted drifter who got soaked in the rain. Also check out The Grudge 2 where he gets soaked in the shower.

29. Shawn Ashmore
Mother’s Day, Hatchet II, Frozen, The Barrens, The Following,

Making his name as Iceman in the X-Men films, Shawn Ashmore has also become a regular fixture in the horror genre – most recently seen as Kevin Bacon’s sexy partner in The Following (not that kind of partner).

28. Chace Crawford
The Covenant, The Haunting of Molly Hartley

Gossip Girls Chace Crawford may have the looks of a leading man, but sadly his post-GG career hasn’t followed that trajectory. Still Chace is always a charismatic and continually appealing screen presence – just see The Covenant – although it’s more of a testament to male beauty than to Cam’s acting.

27. Anthony Perkins

Perhaps not what we would call sexy, but Anthony Perkins certainly was a handsome man. If killer mommy’s boys are your type then you better start swooning.

26. Chris Zylka
Shark Night 3D, Piranha 3DD, The Leftovers

Time for some classic Aryan handsomeness – blonde haired, blue-eyed Zylka shot to our attention in Greg Araki’s Kaboom where he played Thomas Dekker’s sexy, surfer roommate. He’s since gone on to a nude role in Shark Night 3D and a man in uniform role in Piranha 3DD. Chris is dominating the niche creature feature market at the moment.

25. Jay Hernandez 
Hostel, Quarantine

Hostel is an especially hard watch as no one wants to see Jay Hernandez’s perfect physique get butchered by twisted European psychos. Jay would later go on to play a hunky fireman in Quarantine – we can’t remember if he survived the film. All we remember is the uniform.

24. Sean Chapman

Further submerging us in the total deviancy of the S&M horror world of Hellraiser, Clive Barker couldn’t help but make Uncle Frank a bit of a stud… that is until Pinhead and co. got to his beautiful flesh.

23. Johnny Depp
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Not really for us, but we could already feel the rage about possibly omitting then teen idol Johnny Depp from our list. Guys in crop-tops just aren’t our thing, but Johnny looks cute as Freddy’s victim Glen Lantz in Wes Craven’s original A Nightmare on Elm Street.

22. Mike Vogel 
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Cloverfield, Bates Motel, Under the Dome

Like a fine wine, Vogel has improved with age. His appearance in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake already looks dated, but by the release of Cloverfield the actor looked virtually unrecognisable. Now 35 and playing the lead of Stephen King TV adaptation Under the Dome, Mike looks incredible (it’s all in the beard!).

21. Xavier Samuel
Road Train, The Loved Ones, Bait, Plush

Making a name for himself in Australian horror films, Xavier impressed in supporting roles in Road Train,  The Loved Ones, and shined in the lead of Bait – a film that sees him cope with a killer shark in a flooded supermarket. Really.

20. Ryan Reynolds
Blade: Trinity, The Amityville Horror, Buried

The hilarious Ryan was the best thing about the otherwise awful Blade: Trinity which caught on to the fact that he has no qualms about flaunting his amazing six-pack. This tactic was once again used, this time for The Amityville Horror reboot – and is subsequently the only thing we remember from the film.

19. Josh Hartnett
Halloween: H20, The Faculty, 30 Days of Night, Penny Dreadful

Since his debut in H20, Josh has been a regular fixture in the horror genre, thanks to his talent and leading man looks. However, it’s his most recent role in cracking period horror Penny Dreadful that guaranteed him a place in this list – particularly his brooding romance with Reeve Carney’s Dorian Gray.

18. Scott Speedman
The Strangers

Not even good old fashioned sexiness could save our next hottest horror star from the twisted terror of The Strangers.

17. Jared Leto 
Urban Legend, American Psycho

Before Jared Leto became a ‘serious actor’ he used to be quiet attractive – especially when appearing in fun trash like Urban Legend where he played the film’s plucky school journalist lead. Let’s just take a moment to celebrate Jared when he was classically handsome and never had hair like an Afghan Hound.

16. Paul Walker 
The Skulls, Joy Ride

The late Paul Walker was always a beacon of sheer physical perfection well up until his tragic death. The blonde-haired, blue eyed actor was jaw-droppingly handsome in his rare forays into the horror genre in The Skulls and Roadkill.

15. Chad Michael Murray 
House of Wax, The Haunting in Connecticut 2

Like any horror fan, we’ll watch any dross if it has a star we like in it – and Chad Michael Murray was the very reason we ventured into The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia. The shots of Chad running around in his vest at least added some value to the flat horror sequel.

14. Danny Dyer
Severance, The Basement, The Devil’s Playground

Perhaps the most controversial choice on this list is Danny Dyer. There is something roguishly charming about Danny’s cockney demeanour and his character’s usual lack of self-regard. As the actor will happily admit, a lot of the film’s are trash – yet we would say made slightly better thanks to his presence.

13. Kellan Lutz
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

If Danny split opinion, one man that is sure to be unanimously accepted in his position here is Kellan Lutz. The former-model and man-mountain is surely one of the most attractive actor’s in the world – let alone the horror genre. He was wise to only make only a brief appearance in the ill-fated Elm Street reboot.

12. Trey Songz
Texas Chainsaw 3D

The second of three hotties from Texas Chainsaw 3D (Leatherface isn’t number one, by the way) is singer-actor Trey Songz. In joyously trashy style, director John Luessenhop pays tribute to the physical assets of his cast – from Sipos’s unbuttoned shirt to Alexandra Daddario’s little crop top. John seems especially fond of Songz glistening chest – and we are forever thankful for this.

11. Chris Hemsworth
Cabin in the Woods

He may have become a household name through his role as Norse God Thor in Marvel’s blockbusters, but we haven’t forgotten the Aussie heartthrobs appearance as school jock Curt in Cabin in the Woods. Although pretty light on Hemsworth skin he still oozes charm.

10. Ryan Corr 
Wolf Creek 2

Another Australian gracing this list (even though he played a Brit in the film) is Wolf Creek 2′s Ryan Corr. The hunky Paul got caught up with John Jarratt’s twisted outback pig-hunter, Mick Taylor. Fortunately there are a few shirtless shots of Ryan to help calm our nerves in this brutal thrill ride.

9. Ryan Guzman 
The Boy Next Door

We go from victim to perpetrator in The Boy Next Door which sees our next hunk terrorising J-Lo’s sexy teacher. Ryan Guzman’s Noah Sandborn is surely one of cinema’s sexiest psychopaths – so we don’t blame J-Lo for ditching Pitbull in favour of Ryan.

8. Cam Gigandet
Priest, Pandorum, The Unborn, The Roommate, Plush

Another regular fixture in the genre is Cam Gigandet – who is often the one redeemable thing about many of his big screen features. Who even saw Priest?

7. James Marsden
Disturbing Behaviour, Gossip, Grizzly, The Loft

Effortlessly charming and infuriatingly handsome, Marsden may not be best known for his horror films – despite having done a fair few. Again like many on this list, the actor has gotten better with age – just check out those vest scenes in The Best of Me. We’ve yet to see his sex loft epic, The Loft.

6. Scott Eastwood 
Enter Nowhere, Texas Chainsaw 3D

Clint’s youngest son Scott is headed for the big time this year with the lead in Nicholas Sparks’ adaptation The Longest Ride, but before this the young actor had been starting to make a name for himself in genre flicks like Texas Chainsaw 3D – as a man in uniform no less! Scott is also the new face of Davidoff  which is an undeniably exciting prospect.

5. Stephen Dorff 
Blade, Feardotcom, Botched

A bit like Mr. Dyer, Stephen Dorff has that roughish charm – most likely spurred from his former ‘bad boy reputation’ and penchant for playing shirtless villains ie. Blade’s Deacon Frost. What ever happened to that spin-off? Dorff’s still in good nick!

4. Jensen Ackles 
Devour, Supernatural, My Blood Valentine 3D

Another addition to this list that barely needs any explanation is Jensen Ackles. Now the subject of much tween obsession thanks to hit show Supernatural, Jensen is a specimen of pure perfection. We just wish he’d step away from television for a while – My Bloody Valentine 3D is a riotous treat!

3. Mark Wahlberg aka Marky Mark
The Substitute, Fear

Before the A-List roles in the likes of Transformers: Age of Extinction, Wahlberg had to do some trash to get his name out there as an actor. High camp horror entertainment in the form of The Substitute and Fear gave us some of Marky Mark’s finest moments.

2. Milo Ventimiglia 
Pathology, The Divide, Static, Kiss of the Damned

If you’re not hot under the collar now, then we’re not sure what you are still doing here. Our penultimate heartthrob on the list is Milo Ventimiglia – a name which might not have the same high profile as some of the others on the list – although his face is sure to be familiar. Working solidly from 1995 onwards Milo has had high profile appearances in Gilmore Girls, Heroes and Rocky Balboa. His highly-charged appearances in horror flicks Pathology and Kiss of the Damned have helped him guarantee a place as one of the sexiest men working in the horror genre.

1. Ryan Phillippe 
I Know What You Did Last Summer, Five Fingers, Catch Hell

No other actor could take the #1 position on list than Mr. Ryan Phillippe. Surely the first screen crush of many nineties girls and gays, Ryan’s turns in Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer are the stuff of dreams. Although the quality of his films may have been patchy over the years, Ryan remains a gorgeous screen presence – catch his directorial debut, Catch Hell – with full buns on display no less!

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