Music: Reba Reveals New Album ‘Love Somebody’

Reba’s comeback single Going Out Like That was the perfect return to form, bridging her five year hiatus from the music biz. The track heads up Reba’s brand new studio album titled Love Somebody – which will be with us on April 14th.

The set boasts tracks penned by Sam Hunt (Love Somebody) and Brandy Clark (She Got Drunk Last Night, and the two Target exclusive tracks). Most of the album is produced by Tony Brown and Reba herself.

You can see the full tracklist below. Love Somebody is available April 14th.

Love Somebody Tracklisting
1. “Going Out Like That”
2. “Enough” featuring Jennifer Nettles
3. “She Got Drunk Last Night”
4. “Livin’ Ain’t Killed Me Yet”
5. “That’s When I Knew”
6. “I’ll Go On”
7. “Until They Don’t Love You”
8. “Promise Me Love”
9. “Just Like Them Horses”
10. “Love Somebody”
11. “Love Land”
12. “Pray For Peace”

Target Exclusive Tracks
13. “Whatever Way It Hurts The Least”
14. “More Than Just Her Last Name”

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