Shameless Idol Worship: The Men of AHS: Hotel

American Horror Story is one of the most refreshingly gay shows on TV. This is evident in its featuring of well-written gay characters from Zachary Quinto’s Chad Warwick (“Who is“) to Sarah Paulson’s Lana Banana in Asylum. Not to mention the abundance of camp (Ian McShane’s bad santa, The Name Game, all of Coven and Freak Show) and the plethora of hot men in delivers (need we forget Adam Levine’s cameo or Dylan McDermott’s regular cranking).

However, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have stepped up their game with latest season Hotel. With the arrival of Lady Gaga, came a tsunami of camp, camp, camp and damn beautiful boys. We’ve decided to celebrate the beautiful men of Hotel – because, well, why wouldn’t we?

Matt Bomer

Matt was last scene in Freak Show as Michael Chiklis’s bit on the side, but he’s now gone full blown main character in Hotel. Thank Baby Jesus.

Cheyenne Jackson

Wes Bentley

Finn Wittrock 

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