Trailer: Scott Eastwood in Western ‘Diablo’

As Scott Eastwood’s star continues to rise, it’s not surprise that there’s been a bit of excitement about seeing him star in the genre that turned his father into an icon – the western. Scott leads this indie project from Lawrence Roeck, titled Diablo, which sees him co-star with Camilla Belle, Walton Goggins, and Danny Glover.

Diablo, which goes direct to VOD on January 8th 2016 sees Scott play a young civil war veteran whose wife is kidnapped by bandits. Sadly the plot doesn’t seem to provide much scope for some exploitative shirtless/sex scenes of Scott, which is quite frankly unacceptable.

See the full-trailer below and check out the moody picture of Scott above. To quote Ginger Minj, our basements have been well and truly flooded.

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