Album: Amanda Lear Readies ‘Let Me Entertain You’

Legendary dance queen Amanda Lear has announced the details of her upcoming album, titled Let Me Entertain You.

Amanda has be entertaining us since releasing her first album I Am A Photograph in 1977 and has gone on to release a total of seventeen studio albums, the most recent being a wonderful Elvis cover album titled My Happiness.

Let Me Entertain You contains a mix of classic Amanda Lear tracks like Follow Me, covers, and original numbers. The singer describes the collection as a mix of “dance, pop, chanson française, music-hall… and some disco for the fans.”
You can see the full tracklist below:

1. Let Me Entertain You *
2. Good To Be Bad *
3. Si tu Savais Ma Belle *
4. Couleurs *
5. Mad About the Boy*
6. La Rumeur *
7. Moi je t’aime aujourd’hui
8. The Best Is Yet To Come*
9. Catwalk*
10. Fashion Pack*
11. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You*
12. Macho Man
13. Follow Me
14. The Actress
15. Prima del tuo Cuore
16. La Belle Vie
17. For Me Formidable*
18. Smile*

*Also available on the bonus DVD
It’s not yet clear if these are tracks recorded from a live showcase or if they are studio recordings. Further details when available. 

Let Me Entertain You receives a physical release featuring both a CD+DVD on the 13th of May. It’s released on all digital platforms on the same date. Listen to a preview of the title track below.

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