Music: Drag Race Favourite Ginger Minj Unveils ‘Sweet T’ Album

RuPaul’s Drag Race favourite Ginger Minj turned heads with her rambunctuos debut single Ooh Lala Lala last year and has now rewarded patient fans with the first album details. The set released on October 21st features some unexpected covers and promising sounding originals

Among the covers are iconic Divine anthem You Think You’re a Man, Annie Lennox’s Here Comes the Rain Again and The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows.  See the full track-list below.

Ginger has some set of pipes on her so we cannot wait to hear this future classic in full.

1 You Think You’re a Man
2 Ride or Die (feat. Margaret Cho)
3 My Man (feat. Jean Morisson)
4 Bad, Bad Boy
5 I’ve Gotta Be Alone
6 Ooh Lala Lala
7 Losing My Religion
8 Never Shoulda
9 Dream a Little Dream
10 God Only Knows (feat. Carnie Wilson)
11 The Game
12 Father’s Song
13 Here Comes the Rain Again
14 Leave It All Behind
15 Save Me

16 Dream a Little Dream (Bonus Version)

Pre-order on iTunes.

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