Eurovision 2017: Ones To Watch

Now all the Eurovision Song Contest contenders for 2017 have been unveiled, we’ve got the joy of sifting through the entries to find some diamonds in the rough. The Kyiv-hosted competition will see a huge number of ballads taking part – none of which have particularly grabbed us – but neither did Jamala’s drab winning entry 1944, so what do we know? But not to fear, several nations have ensured that 2017’s ESC will play host to some upbeat anthems which we think are likely to stand out on what is shaping up to be quiet an emotive, overtly serious night.

Here are our favourites  and the ones we think could hopefully come up trumps on the night of May 13th – providing they make it through the semi finals. 

Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On

The gorgeous Swede will hopefully follow in Mans Zelmerlow’s footsteps and claim the title for the Scandinavian nation. I Can’t Go On is an upbeat pop anthem boasting slick choreography (check out these treadmills), a slick dancepop melody and a hunky performer – surely a winning formula for ESC.

Imri – I Feel Alive

Thank God Israel has decided, like Sweden, that Eurovision was potentially lacking male eye candy and they’ve subsequently lined up Imri to represent them. The handsome singer will perform dance track, I Feel Alive, which is like an Israeli Calvin Harris bop. Rip that shirt open Imri and there will like be a few douze points thrown your way.

Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly

Malta deliver a power ballad of epic proportions with Breathlessly from Claudia Faniello. We’re not anti-ballad and Malta always deliver with a contemporary fresh entry – unfortunately, they never to get much recognition from voters/juries.

 Austria – QUALIFIED
Nathan Trent – Running on Air

Nathan Trent hopes to restore the glory achieved by Conchita Wurst with his track, Running on Air. Picture a tolerable Ed Sheeran track and you can see what Austria are aiming for.

 The Netherlands – QUALIFIED
OG3NE – Lights and Shadows

Wilson Phillips are reborn for The Netherlands’ latest entry, Lights and Shadows. The country-pop ballad showcases the vocals of its singing trio and is a sumptuous little anthem that could stand out on the night.

 Belgium – QUALIFIED
Blanche – City Lights

Belgium’s low-key electronic anthem has already generated quite a bit of buzz online and is likely to land on the upper left of the leaderboard if its not sabotaged by block voting.

 Germany – QUALIFIED
Levina – Perfect Life

Another electronic mid-tempo could prevail on May 13th. Levina delivers a Sia-esque pop anthem with Perfect Life.

Jana Burčeska – Dance Alone

Jana Burčeska may stand out on the night with contemporary pop anthem Dance Alone. It’s high energy, has a cool tinge of auto-tune on the vocals and feels like the sort of track that would be blasting out of a hip high street retailer. That’s good in our book.

Svala – Paper 

Loreen might not have made it through for Sweden, but there are echoes of her in Svala – Iceland’s entry. It’s a slick scandipop anthem with a mood as dark as the Icelandic winter.

Demy – This Is Love

Starting with a mid-tempo ease, Demy’s This Is Love turns into a popping club track as it hits the one minute mark. Bring that key change, girl!

 Montenegro   – FAILED TO QUALIFY
Slavko – Space

Anyone order a camp space anthem? We don’t care if you didn’t because Montenegro is serving it with Slavko’s aptly titled, Space. It’s high camp disco with a space context – what’s not to like? 

The Bad

Of course, not every nation has the impeccable taste that the countries previously mentioned do. Ukraine  look set to avoid any chance of hosting again with their dodgy rock entry and Ireland  have sent us to sleep with weepy tween performer Brendan Murray. The UK  are also aiming to bore us into submission with Lucie Jones’ dour ballad. Romania   have sent a dubstep yodeller (obviously). Australia  have also dropped the ball for the first time since their participation began with Isaiah’s weepy It Don’t Come Easy (think Sam Smith lite). Russia  have followed the incredible Sergey Lazarev with a wheelchair bound performer and a drab ballad. Bring those sympathy votes Eastern Europe.  

Edit: Russia have subsequently been withdrawn from the contest. Don’t be too sad, just walk Sergey Lazarev’s banging performance from last year.