Photo: Gloria Mancini

Rising Independent Talent Joonas Drops Impeccable Pop Track ‘Lying On My Back’

London-based Norwegian-born pop talent Joonas is quickly making a name for himself with powerhouse pop numbers such as his freshly-dropped Lying On My Back. The blue-eyed star infuses his music with a soulful vitality as well as a smooth and endearing melodic pop sensibilities.

With a powerhouse percussion driving the track, Joonas’s emotive vocals bounce atop the synth-soaked production as he sings of pushing through heartbreak. Lyrics which resonate with an impressive depth fill the track, “So I’m lying on my back, back, back / For now / Serotonin’s replacing / All the spaces you had created in my heart…” capturing the conflicting emotions of misplaced lust and heartbreak with an eighties influenced sensibility.

Joonas has also released impressive numbers including Heavy Water, Taking It Good and Psycho Ex-Boyfriend which are worth delving into.

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Photo: Gloria Mancini

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