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Pixie Lott Returns With ‘Somebody’s Daughter’, Prepares ‘Encino’ – First Album in 10 Years

A staple of the pop scene from 2009 to the mid 2010s, Pixie Lott was a radio regular thanks to hits such as Boys and Girls, Mama Do and All About Tonight. After turning her attention to the stage and The Voice Kids, music releases from the star have taken slightly less focus. Now the 33 year old returns with Somebody’s Daughter, a mature new sound, taken from her upcoming fourth studio album Encino.

The album description shares: “Encino is the body of work Pixie has always dreamed of creating. Inspired by the sounds of the 70s and crafted in Los Angeles, this album introduces a new depth to the British superstar’s music highlighted on her powerful new single ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ it’s a cohesive, organic, and raw collection of timeless, emotive songs that highlight Pixie’s phenomenal voice.”

On the new single, Pixie shares: “I try not to read any negative stuff online, but sometimes you can’t help it. ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ is a reminder that we’re all human – we need to be kind and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes more”.

We’re pleased to have Pixie back and this Jeeve and Dave Gibson suits the star well. Encino is released on September 27th 2024.

Encino Tracklist:
1. Show You Love
2. Somebody’s Daughter
3. Anybody Else
4. Blockbuster Video
5. Midnight Trash
6. Further From Love
7. Coco
8. Happy
9. Vintage
10. Stars
11. Say So
12. All We Have Is Now
13. Comes Back Around