Photo: Peter Morlor

O!Dorian Transports Us to the Glamour and Splendour of Paris on ‘Belle Époque’

O!Dorian continues to pave new paths in the world of schlager pop with his latest single Belle Époque. The Swedish star draws influence from Army of Lovers, from the track’s opening camp drama infused lines in which O!Dorian evokes the legendary Jean-Pierre Barda, whilst taking us through tales of the grandeur and hedonism of Gay Paris.

A press release shares: “Le monde était plus beau avant, “the world was more beautiful before”, states O!Dorian, who himself is behind this unbridled homage to Army of Lovers and their lyrics, which he learned by heart from the text booklets of the CDs back in the days.”

Martin Permer and Robert Ström craft a truly euphoric and delightful pop sound, arriving crafting similar magic on O!Dorian hits Straight and Thunder Kiss

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