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Italian Rising Star Alex Aureo Releases Intimate Debut Single ‘Swear to Defend’

Albano Laziale native, rising talent Alex Aureo releases his debut single Swear to Defend this weekend. The number is a heartfelt entry into the music world for the musician who delivers the intimate track accompanied by warming guitar instrumentation which allows his emotive vocals to shine.

Prior to the release, Alex pursued tattooing while keeping his passion for music alive. After establishing a successful tattoo studio in Rome and working with celebrities like Demi Lovato, he felt inspired to revisit music. Last summer, Alex began writing music again, finding relaxation in singing while tattooing. Encouraged by viral success on TikTok and a life-changing Lewis Capaldi concert, he decided to dive back into music.

Alex’s single Swear to Defend is an intimate, stripped-back track explores themes of love, support, and personal growth with a nostalgic, atmospheric sound. Alex shares : “It’s the perfect ‘wedding song’ to play on an altar when she is walking down the aisle. It’s a song about admitting to being imperfect and needing someone with us to support us. It uses the metaphors of nature to show the complexity of relationships and life (when a tree falls and blocks our way \ when a storm forms \ when the night comes). It’s swearing to protect someone. ‘Till the end.”

Looking ahead, Alex promises more music, aiming to inspire with his message of self-belief and perseverance.

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