Synth Stars I Am Boleyn and Natalie Gray Delivering Empowering Anthem ‘Queen Today’

Two synth queens, I Am Boleyn and Natalie Gray, unite on the euphoric and empowering Queen Today, a track which the rising talents release for Pride Month. The new anthem is penned by Bobby Hanlon, Johannes Willinder, Lydia Owen Edmunds and Natalie Gray.

With shimmering synths, immaculate vocals, and lyrics filled with a joyous positivity, Queen Today, showcases two musicians at the top of their respective games.

I Am Boleyn told fans: “Dance! Be proud! Be whoever you want to be! Happy pride month. Thank you Natalie Gray for writing and performing this song with me. Johannes Willinder for masterful production and most all Boppa Pop – this song is for you. We all miss you so much. Artwork thanks to wonderful Shiela Larson.”

Natalie shares: “A huge massive thank you to Bobba Pop for believing in this song and for your incredible creative ideas to make it something we’re all so proud of. Still can’t believe you’re not here but I know you’ll be raving away in every sequin and colour you can find.”

Stream Queen Today above.

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