Photo: Simon Arthur

Aiden Grimshaw Releases Ambitious and Hopeful New Single ‘I Couldn’t Love You Anymore’

He’s given us Pretender and Better Off, now Aiden Grimshaw’s musical journey continues with the honest yet uplifting I Couldn’t Love You Anymore. Continuing his relationship with Revanche Records, Aiden co-writes the track with Paul Harris and Simon Hulbert, with production from Aiden, Simon and Danny Wilkin.

Ahead of the release the UK musician shared: “I’m really excited for you to hear this one it’s been 10 years in the making and I’ve had real fun opening it up and making it something that I’d listen to now I’m really proud of it!” The star adds: “This songs always been super special to me, it’s knowing or realising your in a situation or relationship where you feel most content happy and secureeeee.”

I Couldn’t Love You Anymore soars through Aiden’s rich honest vocals, ambitious production that builds through subtle electronic grooves with impactful piano and percussion, gently absorbing listeners.

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