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Ukraine’s TVORCHI Announce Album ‘Planet X’, Release New Electronic Pop Single ‘Shine’

Ukrainian pop heroes TVORCHI look to the stars on their new single Shine and to further pop galaxies as they announce their upcoming album Planet X. The duo, who have been favourites of European pop fans since their impressive Eurovision performance of Heart of Steel in Liverpool, impress with the moody electronic sounds of Shine.

TVORCHI share: “Shine is a song about how the light within us shows the way in the darkest times. When you think you are lost – look inside yourself.” They continue: “It is believed that our universe originated after the Big Bang. And after what came love? Perhaps after an explosion between two different energies?”

“Feel the afterglow, Cause baby we dont need the stars to shine, So Shine, Cover up the sky, You light up the night, So bright, Shine, shine…” TVORCHI’s Jeffery Kenny sings atop uplifting electronic production created alongside Andrii Hutsuliak.

TVORCHI will be releasing full-length album Planet X on September 13th – the album also contains their single Can’t Stop, released last year – as well as their collaboration with Ukraine’s The Hardkiss. See the full tracklist below:

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