Photo: Olly Bromidge

Synth Icons NINA and Radio Wolf Deliver Cinematic Powerhouse ‘Tokyo Cowboy’

Following their double single release of My Dark and Bluesbreaker, NINA and Radio Wolf re-team for new music in the form of the freshly dropped Tokyo Cowboy and the upcoming Don’t Trust the Night. Whilst, Don’t Trust the Night does not arrive until next week, Tokyo Cowboy arrives with a mighty industrial synth bang.

NINA shares: “We had such a great response to ‘Tokyo Cowboy’ as our opening song while touring in Europe this spring, it was a natural for the next single. ‘Don’t Trust the Night’ seemed to fit it thematically. We didn’t write the songs with that purpose however; we wrote each with its own story to tell. We have more gigs in the UK and Europe later this year—these two will be the opening songs for sure.

Tokyo Cowboy is a dark cinematic spectacle, delivering industrial dance flavours through intoxicating synths and the sharpness of guitar. With the addition of some Japanese Taiko drums and a plethora of exhilarating instrumentation, the number transports us to a dreamy neon underworld.

Radio Wolf notes: “Crafting songs, these two included, tends to unleash this dark, romantic spirit in us. The process is an intoxicating escape from the routine realities of everyday life—like tuning into a long-lost song playing on a radio somewhere out there in the night…

You’ll have to wait until next week to hear Don’t Trust the Night, but after an advanced listen – we can confirm it’s also one of NINA and Radio Wolf’s best.

Photo: Olly Bromidge

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