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Kat Von D Channels 80s Synthpop on New Goth Disco Gem ‘Dead’

Kat Von D delves into countless genres with her music, best encapsulated in the term ‘disco goth’ yet drawing on her longtime influences, including synthwave, goth, new wave, post-punk, and other iconic electronic sounds of the 80s. The star recently released single Vampire Love, and now moves on to her latest track Dead.

Dead is written by Fernando Garibay, Kat Von D and Shari Short – and produced by Fernando Garibay. The number taps into themes of love, darkness and vulnerability, playing with intoxicating vocal effects and haunting 80s flavoured pop synths.

Kat Von D shares: “Dead” is a dreamy, dark, synth-pop jam that’ll make you wanna cry and get up and dance simultaneously. I remember the day that Shari Short and I wrote this song; I knew there just HAD to be a goth-aerobics music video to go along with it! Famed horror director Ryan Valdez directed the music video in Los Angeles, which was heavily inspired by classic Jane Fonda workouts from the 80’s. There’s a very special appearance in one of the music video trailers of legendary Charo joining me and my friends working out to “Dead.” 

You can watch our interview with Kat Von D here.

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