Photo: Giuseppe Triscari

Italian Pop Talent AIELLO Releases New Single ‘Talete’, Draws Influence from UK Dance Music

Italian star AIELLO is one of the country’s most exciting pop figures and he continues to explore new sonic territory on his new single TALETE. The number draws influence from contemporary British dance music to craft a woozy summer pop tune, complete with the singer’s powerful emotive vocals.

Written by Antonio Aiello and Iacopo Sinigaglia and produced by BRAIL and Starchild, the song taps into the Greek world and to the work of philosopher and astronomer Thales, giving life to a song that makes you dance like the waves of a high tide.

Aiello shares: “This piece is autobiographical and tells how every summer I end up losing my mind. In recent years, between June and July, I have a crush that flares up in August and ends around September, every time. I like to believe that this summer ‘Talete’ can dispel the myth of stories that last a season.” [Translated]

It is thought that TALETE will serve as the lead single to AIELLO’s upcoming fourth studio album.

Photo: Giuseppe Triscari

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