Felix Sandman Tackles Lo-Fi R&B Vibes On Slick New Single ‘Babymoma’

Felix Sandman continues go from strength to strength with his new music, with the third single from his upcoming EP arriving this weekend. The track Babymoma sees Felix co-write and co-produce with David Husberg and follows his recent tracks Lunas Interlude and Terminal.

Felix leans further into lo-fi R&B sounds for the new single, in which the Swedish star croons: “Baby mama
Why they always leave you / They see you’re grace / Using your place / But you’ll be okay / Preach it loud…”
against minimalist electronic production and absorbing vocal effects.

This will be Felix’s last single release before the full EP arrives – the date of which is still to be confirmed. The music video for Babymoma and the previous two single releases has also been released in a ten minute extended cut.

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