UK Hitmakers Blue Return to Roots on Swaggering New Single ‘My City’

Pop hitmakers Blue have explored a variety of new sounds on their recent music – showcased in 2022’s Heart and Soul’s move towards nostalgic dance-flavoured directions. Yet the musicians return with a new single to tie in with their Greatest Hits tour and it’s classic Blue. The track is called My City and is penned by Hugh Goldsmith, Lee Ryan, Paul Visser and Simon Webbe

Lee opened up about the new song saying: “I wrote this about London, as it was my city I lived in since a child and then four years ago I moved out of the UK.” He continues: “I arrived in London earlier this year to meet the boys in the studio and all these feelings came flooding back which inspired me to write this song. It’s about what we used to get up to back in the day. I played it to the boys and they loved it and then Simon added his unique style and flavour to it to give it that classic Blue sound.”

The track is produced by GOLDCRUSH and combines Blue’s impressive vocals, slick urban-orientated production, and the band’s smooth cool. The lyrics capture the magic of London, whilst tapping into the thrills of Blue’s emergence on the music scene.

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