Daphne Guinness Reveals Next Taste of ‘Sleep’ Album String & Synth Ecstasy in ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

Daphne Guinness’s musical mastery shines through in the exquisite gothic charm of her latest single Dark Night of the Soul, the fifth single from the musician’s upcoming Sleep album.

Co-written and co-produced by Daphne and Malcolm Doherty, the number pairs a rhythmic synth beat with an elegant string backing to create a musical landscape that, like Daphne’s previous releases, transports us to a distinctly original territory. Crafting a rich brooding imagery with their lyrics such as “We’re living in intemperate times / In the twilight of our gods / An echo in the labyrinth / Alive against all odds…” Dark Night of the Soul is a feast for the imagination. This is complimented by a music video from Mark Mullins and Malcolm Doherty.

The new single follows previous releases Time, Volcano, Mishima and Hip Neck Spine. All the tracks will be collected on Sleep, which is released on the 21st of June.

See the full Sleep tracklist below. Pre-order here.

1. Hip Neck Spine
2. Mishima
3. Laika
4. Volcano
5. Dark Night Of The Soul
6. No Joke
7. Solitaire
8. Love & Destruction
9. Burn
10. Bedazzled
11. Time

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