Rita Baga Delights With French Pop Banger ‘C’est Toi’

Those with immaculate taste will be familiar with Rita Baga’s delightful bangers Something Spiritual and Fashionista – the most recent of these being released in 2020, back when the Montreal-hailing star made her starmaking debut on Canada’s Drag Race. Now Rita returns with some long-awaited new music, C’est toi.

Rita collaborates on the single with fellow Montreal-native Laurence Nerbonne, with the pair crafting a seductive electronic melody for Rita’s powerful, attitude-packed vocal to dance upon. With some infectious hooks and an absorbing sonic landscape crafted, C’est toi is a welcome return to the music world for Rita.

Rita has become a firm favourite of Drag Race fans, steering the ship of the fantastic Drag Race Belgique and stealing the show in Canada’s Drag Race vs. The World.

Follow Rita here. Stream C’est toi above.

Photo: philippedaaboul

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