Nashville’s Chase Wright Blends Country and Pop on Standout New Single ‘Never Been Done Before’

Chase Wright should be a name on your lips. The Nashville based star has been delivering smooth, heartfelt country pop for a number of years and released his sublime debut album Intertwined back in 2021. Chase has subsequently followed this up with a number of winners including I Don’t Think That I Could Love You and Tonight I Wanna Cry – now he releases new gem Never Been Done Before.

Ned Cameron steps in to produce the track and co-writes with Chase, Beau Bailey, Cole Miracle, and Graham Barham. Chase packs the track full of emotion thanks to his stellar vocals and distinctive tone, whilst the production brims with a hopeful country nostalgia.

It is hoped that Never Been Done Before will feature on Chase’s upcoming second album. Stay tuned to the site for more details.

Stream Never Been Done Before above. Connect with Chase here.

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