Artwork: @hmdfilm

Rising UK Star Dan Aura Delivers Introspective Pop on Impressive ‘Where It Hurts’ EP

Brighton-based rising musical talent Dan Aura debuts his second EP, Where It Hurts, this weekend. The four tracks deliver sonic excellence, highlighting a star on the rise on numbers such as Rewritten and Rich Man.

The EP shines with striking pop hooks, the 00s pop energy of Rewritten paired with Dan’s heartfelt vocals proves to be an impressive opening, whilst the lo-fi yet punchy Rich Man has an introspective charm – delving into the value of love and connection over the materialistic.

Dan continues to shine on the EP’s wistful title track blends euphoria and melancholy amidst punchy pop choruses and pensive guitar production. Closing the with emotive Hard To Be, the number takes an autobiographical, whilst the emotive lyrics capture the uncertainty felt by many queer youth.

Connect with Dan on Instagram. You can stream Where It Hurts above.

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