Rising Country Talents Mason & Julez Release New Track ‘Growin Up’

Aussie born country talents Mason & Julez are stars rapidly on the rise and their latest single Growin Up only goes to show this. The musical brothers, full names Mason Coutinho and Jules Coutinho, write and produce their own music – showcasing an incredible talent at such an early stage in their careers.

Now California based, Mason & Julez have had a prolific release history with ten tracks released in 2024 already. Like their previous releases, Growin Up showcases a musical maturity that draws influence from contemporary pop and classic country with impeccable songwriting finesse and impressively crafted production and vocal arrangements from the duo.

The pair are continuing to build momentum with over 55,000 monthly Spotify streams and high profile musical gigs with the likes of Blanco Brown.

Connect with them here. Stream Growin Up above.

3 thoughts on “Rising Country Talents Mason & Julez Release New Track ‘Growin Up’

  1. Mason and Julez. ‘Love these guys. They’ve been on a mission since they were little boys in Australia. They were taught by their lovely, amazing parents to dream and set goals. Indeed their dream was to become musicians in the USA.
    With their mother’s talent as a dancer and their father’s talent as a writer, professional speaker and business man, they were off to a good start.
    Their music just keeps getting better and better and I look forward to watching them as they grow up into the male versions of Taylor Swift. Bravo Mason and Julez from Annie down under. ⭐️ ❤️ 🎸

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