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French Pop Icon M. Pokora Returns With New Single ‘Chez toi, Chez moi’ with Fally Ipupa

French pop superstar M. Pokora once again joins forces with Congolese star Fally Ipupa for new single Chez toi, Chez moi. The pair previously collaborated on track Juste une fois.

The track provides a high energy slice of French pop that Matt hopes will enthuse the nation ahead of the summer Olympics. Matt shared with NRJ France: “We also did it as part of the Olympics. We are releasing it at that time because we are going to welcome millions of people. And when we welcome, we often say “Make yourself at home”. We want to give a good image of France, to be a welcoming land…” [Translated]

Dany Synthé, Fally Ipupa, JONAH and M. Pokora write the track with Dany also concocting the infectious optimistic production. Lyrics translate to English as: “Here, there, we are together / At your place, at mine it is / At your place, at my place it is (…) We look alike, we come together / Oh, it’s the same everywhere / That dreams in our children’s eyes / Nothing can stop us.”

Hopefully Chez toi, Chez moi will make the cut on M. Pokora’s next studio album.

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