Music: Baccara Release New Album ‘I Belong To Your Heart’

We’ve been so caught up with Eurovision this month, that a brand spanking new Baccara album slipped by us. This new set contains title track ‘I Belong To Your Heart’ a nostalgic eurodisco throwback that features the signature iconic Baccara sound.

Fans of Baccara will know how confusing the band’s chronology is with various splinter projects coming from the its original singers, María Mendiola and Mayte Mateos. After ending in 1981, the original Baccara ladies split into two bands and the result was Baccara 2000 (Mateos’ Baccara) and New Baccara (Mendiola’s band). 

I Belong To Your Heart is the latest release from Mendiola’s Baccara (aka New Baccara) – featuring Cristina Sevilla. Check out the tracklist below:

“I Belong To Your Heart” tracklist:

1. I Belong To Your Heart
2. Super Sexy Baby
3. I Will Follow You
4. I Love You Moscow
5. You Are My Angel
6. All Your Love
7. Conquer Any Distance
8. Gimme Your Love
9. Stand By Me
10. Secret Of Love
11. Fantasy Boy 2017
12. My Funky Love
13. I Belong To Your Heart (Extended Version)

The album is available to stream now. You can pre-order the physical copy from Amazon UK.

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