Country Music: Shania Twain is Back With ‘Life’s About to Get Good’, NOW

Like many, we thought the chances of actually getting new Shania Twain music were slim. The iconic country singer had teased new tracks for years – but with very little to show for it. Our prayers were answered, however, when Shania delivered concrete confirmation of this upcoming music in the form of new single, Life’s About to Get Good, and album NOW.

Life’s About to Get Good is everything we need from contemporary Shania, true to her original feelgood pop-country sound and produced with enough freshness to be a radio hit. Certainly, well worth the wait. The full sixteen track (deluxe) album will be available on September 29th.

Shania also teased new anthemic reggae-tinged track. Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed, on The Today Show. Listen to the new tracks below.

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