Australian Singer-Songwriter Sahara Beck Delivers Touching New Single ‘Like You’

If you missed us raving about Sahara Beck last Summer when she toured with Briefs: Bite Club or last November when she released her single Mr Breezy, now is your chance to pay attention. The Australian singer-songwriter is releasing some magnificent work and her freshly dropped single Like You is a wonderful example of her sound and musical panache.

Like You is an absorbing emotional number centred around falling in love, with the singer’s soft mellow vocals shining atop a piano-driven melody which later introduces some entrancing electronic effects.

Sahara shared: “I wrote this song about falling in love so hard that it actually must be the first time!? I took it to @robbydesa to finish writing it with me and then I took it to @konstikersting who recorded and produced it so perfectly 🤌 then as per usual sent it to @leon_zervos for mastering and then I took it to @devereuxxo and we created this pretty artwork for this pretty song 💕”

Connect with Sahara here.

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