EdFringe 2019 Review: Get Her Outta Here by Isabella Broccolini

Get Her Outta Here by Isabella Broccolini
Venue: Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre

Abstract one woman show, Get Her Outta Here by Isabella Broccolini, is an unusual piece that sees our protagonist, a lady in red emerging from a suitcase and exploring a number of manic personas in small curious vignettes.

After a lengthy awkward phone sex conversation featuring an unknown man and woman is played, a woman dressed entirely in red emerges from a suitcase placed in the centre of the stage. She is sprawled in the middle of the case with her head protruding from one end and her legs dangling from the other. As she emerges we see eyes covered in red mascara and a wild expression. What follows are a number of inaccessible anecdotes and performance pieces from our host.

The Red Lady proceeds to mimic sex with her suitcase for an uncomfortable period of time – prolonged eye contact is a feature, before she dips into a series of unconnected vignettes. A woman shopping for biscuits and meeting a man who wears a signet ring, a deranged woman who reveals she is late due to masturbating yet building to a convoluted story about a stabbing on a highway, a story about a woman freezing her waste then guzzling a soy milk carton filled with condoms. Whether these are connected is anyone’s guess.

Whilst the Red Lady is an engaging stage presence and intriguing figure to watch, when the content of this show is so deliberately obtuse and inaccessible – we are left walking away unaware of what point this piece is trying to make. It is intentionally difficult and provocative, arty for the sake of being arty, and bizarrely emotionally disconnected.

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