France’s Alvan Releases Powerhouse Banger ‘Calzone’

He’s the French Eurovision heartthrob that gain a multitude of fans with his 2022 entry Fulenn, but now Alvan shifts gears further towards new music with his new single Calzone. The track marks Alvan’s first single since his debut album Magma was released earlier this year.

The twenty-nine year old references a plethora of pizza types on his new single, doubling them up as female names with lyrics such as “Margherita was so sad / She wished to get close to me / But she’s too simple for my taste,” and “Marinara was so sad / She wanted to blow me a kiss / But she had heavy lipstick on.” Alvan delivers his attitude packed vocals against fiery guitar-driven production which he crafts alongside Sébastien Le Clainche.

Alvan premiered the track at Kenga Magjike 2022, an Albanian music contest.

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